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    Having MediRydes NEMT Dispatch Software on your side will be a game changer and your workday will be a lot easier than before.  MediRydes is the ultimate way to minimize the workload on your shoulders.

    Request a demo today to experience the difference between doing this digitally and manually. We can assure you that your NEMT business will reach another level as more customers will trust your service with notifications that sets your company apart from the other ones out there.



    MediRydes will help you save money over the long term by reducing the amount of time your team spends dealing with manual, repetitive operations like phone calls, spreadsheets, paper manifests, and other similar items.

     Moreover, the service’s front end isn’t the only part that pays off. As your NEMT operations grow, MediRydes’ simple price model and pay-as-you-go features ensure that you always understand what to expect whenever it comes to purchasing, operating, and expanding the platform over time.

     At last, we have confidence that you will no longer rely on scanning, losing important trips documents and exposing your passengers personal information in plain sight of which their rights are being protected by HIPPA.

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    Driver’s features

    Application List

    Available in Android and IOS

    Real-Time Updates

    Drivers promptly notify of any trip status updates from the admin portal.


    Powered by Google Map navigation system for drivers to make the travel much easier.

    Daily Reports

    Drivers promptly see their daily reports drop-off of any trip.


    Upon arrival, drivers can collect signatures from member/escort or an authorized individual of the drop-off.


    Drivers can view their current and future schedule right from the app .


    Drivers can request time-off directly from the app.

    Accident/Incident Reports

    Drivers can upload directly from the app to the Admin portal.


    We created non-emergency ambulance broker connection software. We studied the problems that people in the NEMT industry experience daily, and we came up with a product that addresses each of those problems.

    Everyone can benefit from MediRydes, regardless of the size, location, or overall purpose of their NEMT business. If you rely on brokers for most of your excursions, having a simple means to communicate with them is essential.

    Your company’s ability to provide first-class transportation to your customers will be enhanced on day one. Thanks to the implementation of this cutting-edge technology. Regardless of which tier you select, your NEMT business will benefit from a wide range of end-to-end advantages.

    This software will…
    Boost your company’s efficiency
    Digitize your entire workflow
    Improve Flexibility and Scalability

    Provide Real-time Dispatching, Routing & Scheduling

    Help with Navigation to keep tracks of your team and their daily schedules
    Notify the passengers to avoid no-shows
    Capture signatures on files to send proof for audits to get paid faster
    Overall, increase your company’s profit to grow your business
    A lot more…

    satisfaction guaranteed

     Satisfaction is guaranteed from all partners that involve in your day-to-day business activities.  Such as you, brokers, drivers and passengers.  So, contact us today to try it for free.

    Because your NEMT business will be optimized, your company will be more profitable as your overhead expenses will be lowered.

    Your drivers will drive less and with the notification feature, your passengers will have the chance to cancel before your driver heads to their pick-up location. Therefore, your fuel and payroll expenses will drastically decrease by 20 percent or more.

    Your brokers will receive digital copies that will make the job easier and more prompt to pay your company for the service rendered.


    Admin portal


    View current trips in the dashboard with their real-time status updates.

    Manage Trips

    Create, edit, import and add notes to a trip and admin or dispatch can create trips for subscribed passengers.

    User Management

    Add , edit and create drivers, fleet, passengers profile as needed with their assigned rates.

    Billing Setting

    Create your billing parameters for each broker and create your own rates to bill or send invoice your customer.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Be in the know of inside and out of your company’s data.

    Incident Reports

    View uploaded reports for every incident reported.

    Manage Notifications

    Create and configure notifications settings for your company, drivers, passengers as needed.

    Worldwide Access

    Admin or dispatch can access the portal from any web browser with the access of internet connection.